Aug 22, 2010


This Summer I rode my bicycle across the country, and I returned via hitch-hiking and a greyhound bus. It took me 2 months to ride about 2,700 miles to the Pacific Coast (Tijuana, Mexico), and another month to get home. I did it alone, and without any reliable source of funds. I survived off of support from random people I met mostly, but I also received much needed help from my friends at home. There were still plenty of times that I had to dive dumpsters or go to homeless feedings, no complaints, it was free and well appreciated.

The trip is over, but I feel that this journey and adventurous lifestyle has only just begun.

This blog will remain an outlet in documenting my search for adventure, purpose, and meaning, and will also be the home page for a Photo Journal that I am self publishing, based on the experiences from this trip.


  1. Hi, Jesse. We met at a Subway in Casa Grande, AZ during your trip. I wrote about you in my blog. Take a look:

    I think what you did is amazing and very brave. I understand your homesickness, but I do hope that you go and have more adventures in some place that is more positive and fulfilling for you. Please continue with your blogging and let us know what is next for you.

    Big Clyde

  2. Wow...thank you so much for the kind words! This is such an encouragement to me, and I really appreciate you taking the time to find my blog! Our encounter at subway was by no means a coincidence, in my opinion, and to hear you recount it now, reminds me of how badly I need to be back on the road. Keep in touch!

  3. I'm happy to hear you're getting back out there. Be careful, and take warm clothes, but most of all keep your mind and your eyes open and experience life.

  4. hey I read the article about your adventure in FAU's student paper. It grabbed my attention right off the bat. I recently Had my own similiar adventure where I went to Australia bymyself and travled up the coast of australia by foot, hitching rides and staying in hostils and sleeping outside and traveling and getting by any means neccessary. I came back a few months ago. I felt th culture shock and seclusion and the high highs and the low lows taking its toll. I didnt plan out the trip that well and was very spur of the moment and being so far was a big schock. Being back now its been hard to get back in the groove of my life (before). I just always have the urge to hit the road now. IT's like a drug and IM torn between both worlds. The road is something magical.I read ur article and always wanted to travel across the US like that. Your story I think is the push that just pushed me back on to the road again. Just wanted to write you and share one travelers thoughts with another