May 3, 2010

America is Cashed Megadventour 2010 Trailer

Thanks Alex Destefino, Jose Hernandez, Ryan Alexander, and Jesse Inman for helping me create this little vid!


  1. Awesome video! I'm amazed with how pro-style it is.

    You should definitely come to Portland if you can, it would be joyous for you to experience the bike scene here after riding across the country. If you're here in mid-June, you could hit Pedalpalooza:
    I'm organizing a ride for that (

    Good luck on the ride cuz, I'll look forward to hearing about the adventure.

  2. thanks man!! I might be around, id love to ride, check this out:
    its the first fort lauderdale critical mass in four years, I put it together expecting maybe 50 people, and 125 came out! We had a blast dude

  3. Very well done. I am excited for you and your trip. I wish you were coming up North so I could house you for a night along your adventure.

    I hope all goes well, but not to plan.. That would be boring. Don't let the mishaps get you down. They make everything more exciting.