Mar 10, 2010

Welcome to the AIC Megadventour blog!

This is the first of many posts that I'll be making on this blog throughout the next few months.

Most of the material will be in reference to the bicycle ride that I intend on making in May, across America, from the Atlantic Beaches in Florida, to the Pacific Shores of Mexico and California. I have dubbed this ride: America is Cashed Megadventour 2010. The name closely resembles that of my last trip, "Florida is Cashed Adventour 2009", which was a 600 mile ride from where I live in South Florida, to the South Carolina border.

This bike trip will be approximately 2,500 miles, and may take me up to 50 days to complete, although I plan on completing it in 40 or less.

I am not an athlete, I am not a tourist, I am not a traveler, and I am not a blogger.

I'm Jesse Adrian Scanlon; somehow my own person in this world.

Yes, I ride my bike far, as a challenge; it sounds pretty simple, but the intended purpose is not merely to see if I can really do it, or to experience the joy of finishing. No, I set these goals in hopes of revealing my individuality and defining my identity as a person.

I want to make an attempt on my lifestyle, in its' repetitious stagnancy, its' habitual apathy.

I want to broaden my perspective on life, and though it sounds cliche, it is genuine.

I want to experience the length of my country on a small budget, with a self-powered form of transportation (a bicycle).

I want to appreciate every foot of land as I pedal through the bayous of Louisiana, the deserts of Texas, the mountains of Arizona, and the shorelines of Southern California.

I want to see the faces of my fellow human beings, not the rooftops of their homes from 30,000 feet above.

I'm not going to rattle your ears off with political discourse or burn your eyes out with hippie protest propaganda. I'm not here to be an avid opponent of materialism (I love this laptop), I'm not writing against (or for) corporate America.
I'm not a conservative Republican. I'm not a liberal Democrat.
I'm not here to assert my political neutrality as an "Independent".

The title "America is Cashed" is a general description of how I will cash out/redeem/whatever America, when I cross it. The name has nothing to do with being fed up or finished with my country.

My point is to present ideas and thoughts and experiences as Jesse Adrian Scanlon. I don't care if you think my thoughts or ideas are not my own, I speak them now with my own voice; I type them with my own fingers. I digress, back to the ride:

This will be difficult on thousands of levels. This will be dangerous in a million ways.

I will ride countless miles, and they will produce a billion smiles.

That is all for tonight.


  1. dude I'm working on it, I'm gonna try to start the process tomorrow. I think it takes about a month to get it, so I have some time. thanks for commenting, ily Derek!

  2. It would be good to know how one takes this journey, when and where does one sleep in this journey, and how many miles one journeys on a day for people like me who are curious but will never take on such a great challenge.

  3. Well, hoping that the comment wasn't sarcastic, as soon as I set off, I'll be posting a detailed journal on all of those details. I slept behind a supermarket, a baseball dugout, a beach forest, and an abandoned car dealership my last trip, but this time I'll have a tent, and I'll be using to network for places to stay. This will be on a very tight budget, which is better in my opinion. I'll be sticking to I-10 most of the way, and although I averaged 80 miles last time, I want to cover at least 100 a day for this trip, up 150 a day, so I can explore the larger city stops and have more chill days to explore.

  4. How personal could a journey be when your posting blog/twitter/facebook updates every minute? You are spoiling the whole point of escaping society by doing the exact opposite. Who cares about your adventures, it is no different then the other travel writers who experience other crazy shit.

  5. Lots of people care about his adventures. Those of us who vicariously travel with him, and he allows us to share in his journey...if you don't care then don't read!

  6. Read your story in New Times, props to you man, don't let the haters get you down. People have been writing about travel forever, and will never stop writing about it. Too bad you didn't write too much, however, I feel the road got the better of you (as it would me)!

    Take care